Add an Asp.Net Core MVC UI

Continuing the MyReverie Solution, I would like to add a UI to begin displaying data. The UI will be quite basic for now injecting a simple dummy service in to our controller returning mock data to expose to to the View. Okay, let’s go… Create a new Solution Folder under the src folder called ‘Web

Adding versioning to my Web API

Now I would like to add versioning to my MyReverie Web API, there are a few options available to me such as : Query String, Url based as well as Http header. For my purposes I am going to choose the Url based approach, purely a personal preference of being cleaner and more explicit. First

Adding Integration Testing with Xunit

I want to now add some test automation to my solution I’ve been working on MyReverie. I plan on using xUnit and start off with some Integration testing for my API but will also be adding functional, unit down the line. I will add testing through the Visual Studio IDE, I know I can do

Adding Swagger to my ASP.Net Core API

Continuing on the MyReverie solution building upon my last post on this My Reverie. What I would now like to do is add some API documentation around the my API The reason I am choosing swagger is simply that it is the largest framework of API developer tools for the OpenAPI specific which allows rapid

My Reverie

MyReverie is a new simple side project I am working on. The idea is to build a goal tracking solution set target dates against those goals as well as set milestone markers to track progress. They could be long or short term goals – entirely up to the user. I will routinely push the code

Getting Started with Azure Service Fabric

I wanted to show a simple example of using Azure Service Fabric to create a reliable & scalable micro service that would perform addition functionality on an input string for example “1+1” using a console application as the client. The string is parsed out to two integers and calculates the result. Obviously this is extremely

ASP.NET Core Web API with Docker

This post simply demonstrates creating a simple service called ‘AdditionMicroservice’ that adds two numbers provided as query string parameters. I will add this code to my GitHub account under Getting started with Microservices repo Pre-requisites: Docker for Windows 1) Create a new ASP.NET Core Web Application project Select the Web API Template Check the Enable

Visual Studio 2015 debugging lambda expressions

Debugging Lambda expressions is certainly a very welcome feature of Visual Studio 2015. Before when trying to evaluate lambda expressions within either the watch or immediate windows we would see the message “Expression cannot contain lambda expressions”. The great thing about this feature is that it really speeds up the diagnoses of possible bugs being

Resources that helped me pass the 70-483 exam

Well a few weeks back I passed the 70-483 Programming in C# exam, it had been several years since I took an exam so I did not know how I would do. I had worked in c# for quite some time now but all of my knowledge was pretty much self taught on the job

Reset WordPress admin password with MySql workbench

This post is particularly directed at a configuration of an Azure wordpress website with MySql as a linked resource. Select your Azure wordpress website in your Azure portal then select dashboard If you scroll to the bottom you will see a section titled ‘linked resources’ under here you should see your MySql database linked resource.