Adding resilience to my http calls using Polly

As I am building out my MyReverie( project in GitHub, I wanted to add some resilience to my http calls. I had heard of the Polly framework that made doing this extremely easily. Polly is an open source framework that provides resilience capabilities on transient errors that you can leverage in your own applications thus

Using .Net Core 2.2 in Azure DevOps

I recently had to restore and build a project in AzureDevOps that turned out to be currently not supported. Resulting in the error message below: “The current .NET SDK does not support targeting .NET Core 2.2. Either target .NET Core 2.1 or lower, or use a version of the .NET SDK that supports .NET Core

My Git Command Line Toolbelt

Overview Lately I have been getting a little more familiar with the Git command line and I have to say I am liking it. The reason why I had stayed away from it until now was that I found the GUI(SourceTree in my case) to be a safe/easier interactive medium for something I was not

.Net Conf 2018

Hi, I wanted to be able to help share the awesome upcoming .Net Conf 2018 with you, below you will be able to find the live-stream as well as on-demand content afterwards. For more information on the event please check out DotNetConf Enjoy!

Adding Tiered Compilation in .Net Core 2.1

One of the many great features of .Net Core is its performance, which it certainly excels at. A few weeks back I seen a new performance feature, well preview feature in .Net Core 2.1 – called “Tiered compilation”. What is it Well you could say at its core in enables applications to not only start

Add versioning to an Asp.Net Core Web API

There are occasions you would like or need to add versioning to your API in order to specify availability or non-availability of functionality. There are a few options available such as Query String, Url based as well as Http header. For my purposes I am going to talk about the Url based approach, as I

Integration Testing an Asp.Net Core Web API with

Summary In this post I would like to show you how to go about adding Integration tests to your Asp.Net Core Web API project using Pre-requisites Asp.Net Core SDK and Runtime installed Why I would want to add Integration testing to my Web API Integration tests are a great way to test infrastructure connectivity

Adding Swagger to my ASP.Net Core API

I would like to show just how easy it is to add testing and documentation to your Asp.Net Core API using Swagger. The reason I chose Swagger is simply that it is the largest framework of API developer tools for the OpenAPI specific which allows rapid documentation and testing of APIs with great ease. For

My Reverie

MyReverie is a new simple side project I am working on. The idea is to build a goal tracking solution and be able to set target dates and milestone markers against those goals to track progress. I will routinely push new updates to the GitHub repo : MyReverie I have a rough idea of some

Getting Started with Azure Service Fabric

I wanted to show a simple example of using Azure Service Fabric to create a reliable & scalable micro service that would perform addition functionality on an input string for example “1+1” using a console application as the client. The string is parsed out to two integers and calculates the result. Obviously this is extremely